As some of you know, I've had a lot going on lately. It seems like life never wants me to get ahead, but at least I'm getting by. And I am working on some great new files this month and next that you can join in on. The first several I'm listing are custom files I've been hired for. You may join in for $100 with some limitations - the overall shape of the file has already been decided so if you are seeking true custom, be prepared to pay $200 or more, depending on how taboo the topic. 

FRAT JOCK - This is one of the two files most related to this site specifically. It is a traditional file that will encourage things like being outgoing, confidence, etc. - sort of like an outgoing fratboy type. You'll of course enjoy getting a fit body as part of it, dressing sporty or preppy. When wear a hat, it helps bring out the bro a bit more, and when put that hat backwards, it makes you feel temporarily dumb. 
24/7 SLAVE TO MASTER - EROTIC: This one is a stroke file though at the end will be denied without Master's permission. Involves giving up control to someone, so I expect to hear both from Master and slave in this scenario to know both sides are involved. 
MASTER WAS FIRST - EROTIC: Tied in to the previous is one I've been requested to do where I change early sexual experience memories so that they happen with Master. Also a stroke file. 
SHAVING ADDICT - It's too late for the Patron price but you can still enjoy a deal from regular custom price by joining in now. This is a traditional file that encourages shaving neck down, be it for athletic, submission and/or humiliation reasons. 
EROTIC REDNECK TF - This is an erotic stroke file involving becoming more of a redneck stereotype - a muscled redneck, possibly a bit dimmer, more 'country', etc. 
SUPERHERO WORKOUT - This is the second file most related to this site, and it involves feeling the spirit of a superhero in the gym pushing you towards a better body. I cannot do any trademark heroes publicly, but if you want a mention of one, then joining in on this custom file is the way to go! I'll make safety suggestions so you know that you truly don't have the same powers (i.e. you won't heal when cut like certain fictional heroes), but will use your love for said hero as a motivator for you to feel more pumped up as you work to look more like that hero, getting stronger and bigger. 

Once these are recorded, it is too late to join in, so e-mail me if you'd like to join in and inquire about any. Again these are existing custom files and only offered at $100 for limited extra customization. If you write me and request a bunch more than what I consider limited, I might counter with a higher price. I don't have specific dates either but first listed is top priority, so "Frat Jock" is what I am writing and recording first. So get to me ASAP if you want in on that one! There might be a couple others added to the list as two more guys have approached me but not paid. I also realized I haven't announced the Patron files for the month yet on social media, so you can also pledge to pay $89 for custom versions of the following, which I'll begin work on next month if there are pledges: 

DRILL SERGEANT: YOU WILL WORK OUT - The third file that fits best with this specific site, it's workout motivation of a more authoritative nature. 
SENSITIVE NIPPLES - This is an erotic file involving the nipples feeling more sensitive. 

Those can be pledged in May on Patreon at or you can discuss alternative ways to pay me during the month of May (after that, there'll be limited time to join in for $100 as is happening above). A reminder that I cannot use all forms of payment providers for all things .... pretty much anything goes for the mainstream muscle motivation but the erotic / etc. has alternative methods that you can discuss with me via e-mail. Don't forget to pledge at least $1 on Patreon though if you wish to be able to vote on what next month's custom files will be! 

The files take me a long time, especially on the editing side but sometimes the writing side depending on creative juices, and as you can see, I'm quite busy! I won't be around for sessions Saturday thru Tues. or Wed. of this coming week, but otherwise I am around for sessions as well, and working hard on these files in the meantime! 

Remember - strong in


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