As some of you know, I have begun offering group custom files as pledge rewards. With one file-of-the-month at just $89 and both at $159, it is great savings off of the normal $200 that most custom files from me cost. And to ensure they are ones you might actually desire to see, anyone can submit an idea for Coach's consideration and I'll put all ideas I like into polls that all my Patrons can see & vote on.  Files up for voting in April will become pledge files in May. Payment goes through end of the month, at which point I contact all those that pledged to begin collecting information for their custom version being worked on in June (file to you by mid-July at the latest). If there are no pledges, the idea returns to the list - unless someone likes the idea enough to pay full price to get a custom file sooner. After all, normal custom files are done within weeks as opposed to months.

Erotic Redneck TF: Become more of a muscled redneck stereotype.
Shave Addict: Feel compelled to shave everything below the neck.

Customization this month can include things like your ideal redneck physique goal, how dumb of a redneck you want to be, and specific redneck interests. For the shave version, whether it is for aesthetic or even athletic purposes, or if it is part of submission or perhaps for humiliation. Both can include info like your name or preferred nickname. If you put in a bunch of non-related requests, those requests will be ignored as you should instead pay full price for a custom file. 

If you use Patreon, they will charge you at the end of their month. You may then edit your amount or pause payments if you do not like the custom offerings the next month, then resume or edit again later if there is another custom file you would like to pledge. I will also accept other payment methods for this, just message me directly to ask for details. 

I also have just been hired for a part-time slave file. Think of it as you always crave that submission to a Superior but only serve on occasion, perhaps a weekend slave or similar. Most of the time you can pass for normal despite the fact you are more obedient even outside the service time, but you become even more mindlessly helpless to obey, serve and please during time alone with your Superior. If you would like a custom version of this, I will offer it for $100 but you must pay within the next couple days. Once I finish the script and record, it's too late to get in on a custom version of this file. 

For those of you that bought my newest files, how are you enjoying them? I would love to receive your feedback - just send me a message. 


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