Last week, I warned about not just being open to anything. Today I'd like to suggest that you listen to a file while awake before trying to relax with it. This is especially true when it is a file from someone you are not familiar with, and more true with the type of files you might find on a site like WarpMyMind as opposed to a site like HypnoBusters. That isn't to say there aren't good files on WMM, or ineffective files on a more professional file site - but because anyone can upload a file to the former, and not the latter, it simply means more caution should be used with such files. 

For some that trance easily, this isn't always possible. I've had a man tell me that he has tried to listen to my own files and couldn't make it through without falling asleep. Luckily, most of you know you can trust me. Even on my less mainstream sites, when I explore hypnosis outside of bodybuilding hypnosis, muscle hypno, or nutrition and fitness motivation, my files always have a clear description of what to expect. Unfortunately I know of at least one site with jock hypnosis files that include dumb down and slave suggestions without disclosing those facts, and there could be more.

So how to be sure if you are someone that trances easily? Try to listen to a file when you are the most awake, such as after downing caffeine (conversely, avoid caffeine and other stimulants for when you truly want to trance). You could try listening with some other music or TV in the background as a distraction. Another option might be to stand and move around as you listen, rather than sitting or lying down where it's easier for your body to start to relax. One other way to listen to the file is to do it in increments. Listen for a bit, pause to get your mind clear, listen some more, pause, repeat. And, last, but not least, skip ahead to the body of a file and get to the meat of the suggestions. That doesn't always work if a trigger word is said again that triggers you, but it might help to skip past the induction. 

Once you become more familiar with a hypnotist, the trust builds and you don't necessarily need to do this every time... but definitely consider it when you are new to someone's work. Even if it is from a trustworthy source, you may discover there is a suggestion you dislike. Knowing what is in the file will allow you to decide whether you listen anyway and try to ignore the suggestion, or try to find an alternative file altogether that better meets your desires. 

Stay safe out there, and remember - stronger in mind, stronger in body.


Your provided tutorial is really helpful for everyone. I have followed your website daily to stay healthy. I will try this method to distract my mind.


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