I often hear from people about bad experiences with hypnotists, and this is especially true of those guys who explore it more for the experience rather than those just seeking fitness motivation files. Early on, I was guilty of this too because I had a bad teacher and didn't understand the fetish side of hypnosis. I still make the occasional mistake, for even hypnotists are human, but those that know me know they can be honest with me if a course correction is needed and that my file descriptions give a good idea of what to expect so that you know which ones to try and which to avoid. 

There are those hypnosis subjects that will say, "I am open to anything." In my experience, this is never really the case and these men that were excited about the idea of giving up control suddenly become scared when presented with the reality of the situation. I urge you to ALWAYS definite limits and tell any potential hypnotists what is off the limits. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't listen. Once, after having a broken heart, I foolishly turned to hypnosis just wanting to feel anything different. I foolishly told a hypnotist that the only thing off limits was smoking, and as my dad had recently had mouth cancer from tobacco use, it was a very important point. What did he do? He tried to get me to start smoking. BLOCK. 

I would never do something like that but admit that - but if a guy says they are open to anything, then how am I to know where the line is? If you don't know, please think about it. What is hot as fantasy for you might not be hot in reality. And it's okay to admit that too - tell your hypnotist, "I think this is hot as a fantasy for a session, but I wouldn't want any lingering effects." 

Now, this post deals more with recreational hypnosis than going to a professional hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist. These professionals already are receiving a benefit in the payment of their services. When hypnosis is explored as a hobby or fetish, a hypnotist might offer to do it free - but almost only it is because they feel there is something in it for them. I'm upfront about it. Many others aren't. 

So for those exploring recreational hypnosis, use caution, set your limits, be clear with what you want, and be careful! It doesn't hurt to chat with a hypnotist for a while first to build trust and define expectations.


03/13/2014 6:41pm

I once went under trance in a fantasy/fetish setting, and I know exactly what you mean by the block. As soon as a topic I was very uncomfortable with came up, the trance was gone, and I was immediately awake.

It's kind of interesting, now that I think about it, how the mind still reacts to things it doesn't like, even in trance.


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