I was on a bodybuilding & muscle growth message board the other week and saw comments about guys that benefit from getting a bit horned up before a workout. 

I decided to make a file along these lines that takes somebody's sexual energy and convert it into workout energy as the listener goes from getting hard for muscle to being motivated for hard muscle. 

This is not orientation specific per se, and is not an adult file, but it does focus on finding muscle sexy and using that desire to enhance one's workout performance. It also does contain some strong language and is recommended for those 18+. 

The best part is that for a limited time - through the end of the holiday weekend which in the U.S. includes President's Day, so through Monday 2/17/14 11:59 PM Pacific Time, you can SAVE 20% on this file!

That's right. Just enter NEWFILE for the standard version or NEWFILEBIN for the binaural version. This coupon only applies to the launch of this new file, but don't forget I always have the more you buy, the more you save sale going on!
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