Let's get right to the point: Don't trance and drive! And for that matter, don't listen to my hypnosis for muscle - or anybody else's hypnosis - while operating heavy equipment, riding a bike, cooking, or anything else that could be slightly dangerous. 
Unless it's a specific file designed to be listened to during an activity such as a workout (something I don't currently have but am looking into), hypnosis files should be listened to while sitting or lying down where you can relax comfortably and be free of distraction.

Common sense, right? I, and similar hypnotists, even include all this in our disclaimers and other information. So imagine my surprise when a man told me how one of my files was starting to have a profound effect on him as he constantly repeated it during his commute to and from work. Yikes!
Now, driving is often an example of how sometimes a person enters a light trance in their normal lives. Ever go down the road only to realize you don't remember the last couple of miles? This is perhaps more true for those that drive in a rural area where the visuals seem a bit repetitive. You just get into a state where driving becomes your only focus until something brings you back to a fuller awareness. Even though this happens naturally at times, that doesn't mean it should be encouraged.

Thankfully it seems this man had only been in a light trance, which for him was enough for the messages to sink in and start to bring out his desires - an example that even if you don't go deep, hypnosis can be powerful. But, who is to say that suddenly he wouldn't have found himself entering the next level of his subconscious and drifted off more completely? Because hypnosis can build with time, you can't trust that you won't suddenly find yourself nodding off, even if you had never done so before. Listening to hypnosis while driving or performing other activities puts you and those around you in danger. Don't risk it!

One should also be careful while in a post-hypnotic suggestion or triggered state, though this can depend on the suggestion. I do make care - even in my files, triggers, and other hypnosis to dumb down - that a person retains their common sense and street smarts so that they can continue to do tasks like driving, lifting, and cooking (when triggered - still do NOT do these things while listening to the hypnosis mp3 training for the trigger). However, other hypnosis files may not contain the same safeguards. If in doubt, make sure you only explore a trigger or awake hypnotic state in a safe environment. 

I can't guarantee this column every week, but feel free to send in questions if you'd like and I can answer if I do know, or at least give my thoughts and opinion based on my experience. And stay safe out there as you get stronger in mind, stronger in body!


Yes, it is commonsense to save our life without doing anything stupid. Trance music is known to produce relaxing effects, which are not required during driving. While driving we need all the concentration we can get and not sleep.


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