If you just want to submit an idea, that is definitely welcome. I might get to it eventually. Man I have a lot to catch up on!

But anyone that pays for a custom hypnosis file has their work put first, and I just had a very strange one. Usually I charge - as of 7/31/14, subject to change - $150 and will make it unique with your name or other custom request, but will edit it and resell at standard prices if I am able. Honestly $150 is low for the amount of hours I put in to a file. But with a strange request that I can't resell, I may charge $200 or so. 

If you've been afraid of being judged though, don't be. I might not understand it, but that won't stop me from doing a file so long as I feel I understand enough of what you are looking for to do a good job. I just ask that the file be for yourself, that you understand and accept any consequences that might happen to yourself (if you want me to make you mindless, well, it might not work, but if it does, I am NOT going to take care of you), and that it would not cause harm to anybody else. 

You can request an erotic one or a regular one as well - of course I always recommend to try my free files first. And if you don't quite have the big bucks but have a great idea that you think could resell, definitely send it in! 
If you are seeking hypnosis for yourself, that is awesome. Though everyone responds differently, hypno has the potential to motivate you with your goal if part of your regular routine, or to let go and have fun if part of experience a fantasy. 

Though muscle motivation hypnosis is my strongest passion when it comes to working with men on their desires, I don't make it a secret that I have done hypnosis to help guys with other goals and desires as well. If I'm getting paid to do a session with someone, I want them to get what they want. 

Every once in a while, however, I get a request for me to hypnotize somebody else. This usually involves a couple with one wanting their partner to act more in a certain way, and the request is usually for me to somehow do this secretly. Of course, the answer is NO for many reasons.

There are all varieties of books on covert hypnosis, it is not an area I have studied in-depth but all hypnosis shares the common element that it works best when it works on a subject's goals. An Australian real estate trainer spoke on A Current Affair about training agents to use these techniques on buyers (the clip is on YouTube). If it worked, then it's important to keep in mind that the buyers had already been potential buyers. If your partner wants to get fit but has struggled to get motivated, maybe you could learn and use covert hypnosis on them. If you are into being a cuckold and want to totally change your wife into being this out of nowhere, it's not going to matter if it's not her desire - and this is one of the strange REAL requests I've been sent in this line of work!

Another element with the real estate aspect is that it was natural for potential buyers to speak with an agent. If you want me to come hypnotize your partner, friend, family member or other person you know, then they are going to look at me like, "Who the hell is this?" (and since many of these requests have been from afar, they'd likely disconnect right away). Even if I was studied with covert hypnosis, it's not realistic to have some stranger come in and try to make changes to someone else. Of course, if they are a man open to hypnosis and wanting to get fit, you can certainly recommend they check out my website!

There's one other element with the idea of hypnotizing someone against their knowledge though ... it's icky! I do know for some men it's a turn on and that's a little bit different: if you say you're open to covert hypnosis, you're leaving the door open because you want that (though don't expect it from me as it's still not my comfort zone). But if the request involves anyone else, without knowing what they are into, without talking to them, then it is not something I would feel comfortable doing on an ethical level even if I was an expert at what is also known as conversational hypnosis. One could say, "my friend is into this, he just needs a little help" and be lying. I'd must rather chat - in a regular manner - with a person to find out their desires, then start to hypnotize them once it's been agreed upon (and in most cases, paid for). 

If you want your straight roommate to be with you (another REAL request), it is probably you that needs some hypnosis from a qualified hypnotherapist (which also wasn't me, as my hypnosis is for general motivation and entertainment). If you want to chat it as just a fantasy, I'm game for that - heck, write it up, send it in, and I might even post it on one of my blogs if it has a muscle or jock element! If you do try learning more about covert hypnosis, I'd also love to hear about how it goes... just keep in mind that again, the person's desires need to be there. If you do try to turn a straight roommate gay, you might be out looking for a place to live. But if your boyfriend wants more muscle but doesn't believe in traditional hypnosis, then maybe it's worth checking out a book to find ways to motivate him on the sly. 

But if it's not a willing person being referred and open to the hypnosis, then no, I can't hypnotize your friend on the sly without him/her knowing. And even if I could, that doesn't mean I would.
The heading is true. I don't know how you'll react. I of course have ideas and hopes of how you'll react... for example if I suggest you enjoy working out more, I sure hope you enjoy working out more! (And given the positive feedback, it seems like most of you have - though as I've said before, some are naturals while others need to listen for a while and learn to truly let the message in to their subconscious). 

Yet, there are always those responses I get that surprise me. On a past file I did not related to fitness or muscle hypnosis, I had a brief deepener using the color white. One subject wrote me that he found he desired to wear white clothing after having listened a few times, which was not suggested by me. The latest example is a guy who just started listening to files in the "For Coach" series, which has an element suggesting that one is a good boy for coach in terms of working out and eating right to please Coach when it comes to goals for the body. It is not meant to impact other areas of life - but it did him as follows:

Last week, I warned about not just being open to anything. Today I'd like to suggest that you listen to a file while awake before trying to relax with it. This is especially true when it is a file from someone you are not familiar with, and more true with the type of files you might find on a site like WarpMyMind as opposed to a site like HypnoBusters. That isn't to say there aren't good files on WMM, or ineffective files on a more professional file site - but because anyone can upload a file to the former, and not the latter, it simply means more caution should be used with such files. 

For some that trance easily, this isn't always possible. I've had a man tell me that he has tried to listen to my own files and couldn't make it through without falling asleep. Luckily, most of you know you can trust me. Even on my less mainstream sites, when I explore hypnosis outside of bodybuilding hypnosis, muscle hypno, or nutrition and fitness motivation, my files always have a clear description of what to expect. Unfortunately I know of at least one site with jock hypnosis files that include dumb down and slave suggestions without disclosing those facts, and there could be more.

So how to be sure if you are someone that trances easily? Try to listen to a file when you are the most awake, such as after downing caffeine (conversely, avoid caffeine and other stimulants for when you truly want to trance). You could try listening with some other music or TV in the background as a distraction. Another option might be to stand and move around as you listen, rather than sitting or lying down where it's easier for your body to start to relax. One other way to listen to the file is to do it in increments. Listen for a bit, pause to get your mind clear, listen some more, pause, repeat. And, last, but not least, skip ahead to the body of a file and get to the meat of the suggestions. That doesn't always work if a trigger word is said again that triggers you, but it might help to skip past the induction. 

Once you become more familiar with a hypnotist, the trust builds and you don't necessarily need to do this every time... but definitely consider it when you are new to someone's work. Even if it is from a trustworthy source, you may discover there is a suggestion you dislike. Knowing what is in the file will allow you to decide whether you listen anyway and try to ignore the suggestion, or try to find an alternative file altogether that better meets your desires. 

Stay safe out there, and remember - stronger in mind, stronger in body.
I often hear from people about bad experiences with hypnotists, and this is especially true of those guys who explore it more for the experience rather than those just seeking fitness motivation files. Early on, I was guilty of this too because I had a bad teacher and didn't understand the fetish side of hypnosis. I still make the occasional mistake, for even hypnotists are human, but those that know me know they can be honest with me if a course correction is needed and that my file descriptions give a good idea of what to expect so that you know which ones to try and which to avoid. 

There are those hypnosis subjects that will say, "I am open to anything." In my experience, this is never really the case and these men that were excited about the idea of giving up control suddenly become scared when presented with the reality of the situation. I urge you to ALWAYS definite limits and tell any potential hypnotists what is off the limits. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't listen. Once, after having a broken heart, I foolishly turned to hypnosis just wanting to feel anything different. I foolishly told a hypnotist that the only thing off limits was smoking, and as my dad had recently had mouth cancer from tobacco use, it was a very important point. What did he do? He tried to get me to start smoking. BLOCK. 

I would never do something like that but admit that - but if a guy says they are open to anything, then how am I to know where the line is? If you don't know, please think about it. What is hot as fantasy for you might not be hot in reality. And it's okay to admit that too - tell your hypnotist, "I think this is hot as a fantasy for a session, but I wouldn't want any lingering effects." 

Now, this post deals more with recreational hypnosis than going to a professional hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist. These professionals already are receiving a benefit in the payment of their services. When hypnosis is explored as a hobby or fetish, a hypnotist might offer to do it free - but almost only it is because they feel there is something in it for them. I'm upfront about it. Many others aren't. 

So for those exploring recreational hypnosis, use caution, set your limits, be clear with what you want, and be careful! It doesn't hurt to chat with a hypnotist for a while first to build trust and define expectations.
Let's get right to the point: Don't trance and drive! And for that matter, don't listen to my hypnosis for muscle - or anybody else's hypnosis - while operating heavy equipment, riding a bike, cooking, or anything else that could be slightly dangerous. 
Unless it's a specific file designed to be listened to during an activity such as a workout (something I don't currently have but am looking into), hypnosis files should be listened to while sitting or lying down where you can relax comfortably and be free of distraction.

Common sense, right? I, and similar hypnotists, even include all this in our disclaimers and other information. So imagine my surprise when a man told me how one of my files was starting to have a profound effect on him as he constantly repeated it during his commute to and from work. Yikes!
Now, driving is often an example of how sometimes a person enters a light trance in their normal lives. Ever go down the road only to realize you don't remember the last couple of miles? This is perhaps more true for those that drive in a rural area where the visuals seem a bit repetitive. You just get into a state where driving becomes your only focus until something brings you back to a fuller awareness. Even though this happens naturally at times, that doesn't mean it should be encouraged.

Thankfully it seems this man had only been in a light trance, which for him was enough for the messages to sink in and start to bring out his desires - an example that even if you don't go deep, hypnosis can be powerful. But, who is to say that suddenly he wouldn't have found himself entering the next level of his subconscious and drifted off more completely? Because hypnosis can build with time, you can't trust that you won't suddenly find yourself nodding off, even if you had never done so before. Listening to hypnosis while driving or performing other activities puts you and those around you in danger. Don't risk it!

One should also be careful while in a post-hypnotic suggestion or triggered state, though this can depend on the suggestion. I do make care - even in my files, triggers, and other hypnosis to dumb down - that a person retains their common sense and street smarts so that they can continue to do tasks like driving, lifting, and cooking (when triggered - still do NOT do these things while listening to the hypnosis mp3 training for the trigger). However, other hypnosis files may not contain the same safeguards. If in doubt, make sure you only explore a trigger or awake hypnotic state in a safe environment. 

I can't guarantee this column every week, but feel free to send in questions if you'd like and I can answer if I do know, or at least give my thoughts and opinion based on my experience. And stay safe out there as you get stronger in mind, stronger in body!
Hypnosis can feel good. Really good. If the hypnosis to enjoy exercise works, it can make you go from liking working out to loving working out. If the hypnosis for bodybuilding works, it can help make you obsessed with pushing yourself for one more or to consume those extra calories that are needed. Even just relaxing deeply can end up feeling so refreshing. 

Yet, some people become addicted to this feeling, and find themselves going from one file to the next, wanting to experience it all. On the other side of those are those people that struggle to go into trance and yet similarly go from hypnosis file to hypnosis file, searching for that one that will achieve a miracle for them. Unfortunately, there are no miracles with hypnosis. 

Even though one type experiences a trance, neither type benefits from the true power of hypnotic conditioning. I've already discussed how repetition is essential to see true change, and repetition can also help when it comes to first experiencing a trance. It is true that different styles, voices, and techniques can work better for some than for others, so that isn't to say to not try a few if you are struggling. That said, if one at least makes you feel really relaxed, give it a try a while. 

As for the junkies, I won't stop you from buying all my files, but don't expect them to work if you're listening to too many at once. Some files obviously conflict with each other ... for example, Hungry for Muscle and Feel Full on Less are not at all compatible with each other, as they encourage too different diet patterns. However, Hungry for Muscle would be compatible with One More Much More, as both are aimed at bodybuilders. But if you listened to both of those, plus Enjoy Working Out, Muscle Jock, Dumb Trigger, Future You as Coach, and 10 others from other hypnotists, you're simply overloading your brain with so much information that it won't be able to pick up on the repeated messages. 

There are exceptions, such as my visualization training series, as these are designed to be complementary with each other. Stage and erotic hypnosis meant as a one-off can also be an exception as one is solely looking to enjoy the experience. 

But if you are serious about listening to my, or any, hypnosis to change your body or habits, stick with just a couple - or a complementary series -for a while. Once you feel confident the changes have sunk in, you can add in another file and further pursue other goals. And to put it in fitness terms.... you likely wouldn't train for a bodybuilding competition and to run a marathon at the same time, though either way you'd complement with nutrition and other healthy habits. Find the hypno files that complement your goal, and give the suggestions time to build in your subconscious. 
Many people wonder how often they should listen to a hypnosis file. Though I already answered this question in my F.A.Q., I figured I'd go a bit more in depth with my opinion on the matter. 

Now, the first caveat is that it depends on the goal of the hypno file. For example, if one were to listen to an erotic hypnosis session for a bit of fun, it's not as important to have the repetition compared to needing repetition of any file that works to change your habits. 

That said, the more a person listens to any hypnosis file, the deeper they will start going with it. There will still be other factors such as time of day and what has been consumed, but becoming familiar with the words of a hypno file will allow a listener to learn to trust them enough to let go and just let them in. Of course, the trust part is why it's so important to find a hypnotist you can trust and choose hypnosis mp3s that work towards your goals. To that end, I try my best to honestly describe all my hypnosis for bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition files; provide a few free samples; and welcome any questions. 

But you're busy, and wonder, do I have time for these files? I get that. It's hard to find time for everything. 

The short answer is no, but you should at first. I always suggest listening to one trance file every day or night for the first 2-3 weeks. You may want to experiment with what times work best, but hit it hard. As you become accustomed to the style and message of the hypno mp3, you should notice yourself getting deeper towards the end of the few weeks. 

At that point, I suggest going down to every other night or so for another few weeks. If you have chosen a file to motivate yourself during workouts, choose to listen the night before or morning of your biggest workout days. After that, you can cut down to every week. If you listen to a nutrition file and know that Fridays are your hardest day because that's donut day at work, listen to it the night before or on Friday morning. 

As you monitor how you respond -both in terms of how deep you feel, and in how you are responding to the message - you can listen more or less as needed. It's really about finding what works best for you, but know that a repeated message in your mind will have a stronger pull on your subconscious. 

Though initially listening to one file for a while is best, it is okay to alternate if they are complementary files. For example, you could listen to a hypnosis file to enjoy working out one day and a hypno file to enjoy eating clean the next in a rotating manner. The training series, which has the possibility of giving you real muscle growth through visualization, can be listened on a rotating basis that, for the best gains, complements your real-life workout schedule. If you have time, you could listen to two, such as bodybuilding hypnosis files "Hungry for Muscle" and "One More Much More." 

If you really struggle to go under, don't give up. Choose the file that you absolutely most want to listen to, and stick with it daily for an extended period. It should also be noted that different styles and methods may work better for you, for every individual is different in how they respond to a hypnotist. Personally, I have found that once one does find a hypnotist that can take them under, it's easier to go under in general. I've also found that while I normally always remember hypnosis, that I can get to a state of blanking out if I listen to a file on a regular basis for an extended period. 

But no matter how deep you go and what you remember, the important aspect is that you are, in a sense, programming your mind to become so very focused on your goal, which on this site is often hypnosis for muscle mass or lean muscle. Even if you already have a great build, hypnosis can help push you to the next level - as evidenced by the number of bodybuilders and professional athletes that have used hypnosis to aid with their workouts or performance. 

So remember - stronger in mind, stronger in body. 
Hypnosis can be difficult to quantify. What suggestions hit one person the most might be completely different from what hits the next person, and how one experiences trance can likewise vary. Some remember everything while others don't. Some go instantly down while others don't. One of the few consistents is that if a person regularly gets hypnotized or listens to hypno mp3s, the suggestions start to accumulate. This is true both of the suggestions to let go and relax, as a person learns how to better open up their minds to the suggestions, as well as to suggestions of desire, motivation, and change within the body of a file. Just as with working out or a sport, practice - repetition - makes perfect. 

Unfortunately, people too often dismiss hypnosis as not being effective after one listen. Sometimes they don't even give it a try, not realizing what an advantage hypnosis has given to the likes of Tom Platz, Victor Martinez, Mike Christian, Lee Haney, and athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, and more. Unfortunately I have yet to have experiences with athletes at this level, but of course I only hope to grow from here as I help to grow muscles on all of you. ;) 

What's really frustrating though is when a person dismisses hypnosis as if it had just put them to sleep. 


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    You are the very first hypnotist I can say I definitely responded to - in ways that go beyond your scripts, and FAR beyond what I expected.

    - Dan

    I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings since I was about 10 years old. I’ve had MANY over the years.... None of them have ever taken hold and done any good. I’ve had in-person sessions and been online with many hypnotists, both professional and recreational, trying to work on getting me more motivated to workout. Again, no success. But, since January I’ve steadily gotten better about not delaying and pushing through the workouts. How did I do it? What did I use? Lots of files from Coach Josh.

    - Mike T.