You have what it takes inside of you. Don't doubt yourself. You can do it for yourself. You can do it for Coach. You can do it to prove naysayers wrong. You can do it because it feels good. You can do it because you want to be healthy. You can do it because you wish to stop feeling weak. You can do it. My hypnosis for muscle is a guide, a motivator, it can help give that push - but ultimately you do it because you have what it takes. And when you have what it takes, so much is possible. 

Some more motivating videos to go along with my motivational hypnosis for muscle & more! - i am BUILT. i am A1.House of NutritionTry Quest Protein Bars!

To go along with my hypnosis, the latest competition videos to inspire and a diverse group of videos to inspire you both in the gym, with nutrition, and with life in general! - i am JACKED. i am - Flat Rate Shipping!

Do you have what it takes? This mix of videos from men that have built muscle to inspiring reminders to 'Chase Your Heart' are perfect to combine with my motivational hypnosis to really get you past that mid-week hump and towards your goal!

Those that have followed me a while know that I'm a sucker for overcoming obstacles, and one of the best examples for that body-wise has been that of Zach Zeiler who overcame cancer and found a new passion with bodybuilding. He just posted a new video to help inspire, and a few more motivational videos are below the break to keep you inspired as we head into June! If you need an extra kick, of course you can always check out my hypnosis starting with a free sample. 

If all the mesmerizing muscle video of bodybuilding competitions and top bodybuilders flexing wasn't enough to get you motivated, perhaps these few videos can get you inspired to push yourself a bit harder today. And of course be sure to check out my motivational hypnosis for men into muscle and fitness. If you missed it, you don't have to just take my word for it - read the latest testimonial.

A special bonus of motivational videos (more after the break) to get you through the weekend! And be sure to check out my hypnosis for exercise motivation and nutrition motivation as well!

If any of you have kids, nieces, nephews, or other young ones whose health you care about, be sure they (and their parents, if not you) are aware of Food Revolution Day coming up on Friday, May 16th. You can visit to learn more, and check out the below clip with Jamie Oliver & Grover from Sesame Street. It's never too early - or late, for that matter - to learn healthy habits, and in this Coach's book, it's always a bonus when the Muppets are involved.
For those of you that didn't know, CT Fletcher lost a lot of his mass after an open-heart surgery before getting motivated to get big again. This video features a visit to CT from a young man after the man's heart transplant surgery, and CT's advice (there is some strong language, but overall inspiring). 
Brendan Doherty talks with Muscular Development Magazine about competing in bodybuilding while also battling cancer. Here's wishing him continued success on both counts.

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    Whether you want to get lean or build huge muscles, hypnosis can help by increasing your enjoyment of healthy habits, emphasizing subconscious desires, and through visualization.


    Coach Josh, the Muscle Mesmerizer, has been helping men build better bodies through trance for many years. So go ahead, enjoy my blog, and then relax as we relax explore working together towards the ideal physique of your dreams.

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    As a competitive bodybuilder, I sometimes need a 'push' and the files are working already.


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    I've been listening for a month now and my routine is solid. I'm stronger and a bit leaner thanks to it & it feels great to finally be motivated!

    -Pat - Motorcylce/Motorcoss Helmets, Boots, Pants and Jerseys at sale prices.

    You are the very first hypnotist I can say I definitely responded to - in ways that go beyond your scripts, and FAR beyond what I expected.

    - Dan

    I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings since I was about 10 years old. I’ve had MANY over the years.... None of them have ever taken hold and done any good. I’ve had in-person sessions and been online with many hypnotists, both professional and recreational, trying to work on getting me more motivated to workout. Again, no success. But, since January I’ve steadily gotten better about not delaying and pushing through the workouts. How did I do it? What did I use? Lots of files from Coach Josh.

    - Mike T.