Once again, two new files are available to pledge on my Patreon: 
SLAVE TO THE GYM - feel like the gym is your Master, commanding you to workout
GOOD BOY/PUP - an erotic file for human roleplay about unleashing one's inner pup
$89 to pledge one or $150 for both ... either way incredible savings! I normally charge $200 for most files or $300 for taboo or repetitive-of-my-existing-ones files.  

I'm also giving you the chance to join in on these custom files for $100 each - but you must hit me up before I record, as it will be too late after that point. 
DRILL SERGEANT WORKOUT - an authoritative voice commanding you to workout with your "brothers"/unit
EROTIC DUMB JOCK - stroke and dumb down (permanently? temporarily?) as you become that dumb jock
SUPERHERO WORKOUT - feel your inner superhero unleashed while working out
... Join in on any here: https://musclemesmerizer.dpdcart.com/cart/add?product_id=153228

I have family conflict limiting my online time rest of this week, but as always you can e-mail me at musclemesmerizer at gmail dt com to discuss any of these, and that means you have at least until Monday (7/10/17) to join in on any of the three join-ins. After that, it's until I record, so check with me before purchase. As for the first two files mentioned, you pledge this month, so payment goes through Aug. 1st, and I begin work after that as soon as I can. 

The time spent on these hasn't matched the money I've received, so I am only offering one poll and one file as a custom pledge in August - you can also go vote for that now or pledge either or both Slave to the Gym and/or Good Boy/Pup by visiting http://patreon.com/themesmerizer

Thank you all for your support!
New files are here! This week, I am releasing four new files: two mainstream MuscleMesmerizer files and two erotic files that can be accessed via JockMesmerizer.com or (NSFW) FitDimWit.com. Those files are "Never Too Big" - where one feels more testosterone and muscle growth hormone getting released as they come to believe they can never be too big - and "Jock Power," where an Alpha jock resides inside of you and helps make you more confident as well as dominant in the gym and other areas of life. Due to rules with more mainstream payment providers, I can't offer those here but do have a new payment provider to choose from when you visit the sites. 

As for what I can list there, the two new files are "Muscle Confidence" & "Jock Confidence."


Muscle Confidence is all about overcoming people's negative perceptions and your own doubts or desires to please them, as you realize you are doing this for you. If you've ever been given a hard time for turning down treats in the office, leaving family time for an hour to go workout, or been judged for your size, this file will help you overcome those thoughts as you realize that you are doing this for you. 


Jock Confidence is similar in that it helps you overcome what people might think, but this time it's about your transformation into an ideal jock. Whether you want to be more of a sports jock, muscle jock, country jock, dumb jock, or any other kind of jock, you'll simply let go more of your concerns as you accept you you have a jock persona you wish to become and that is what would make you happy. 

For the first time, I am offering a "short" version of the MuscleMesmerizer files and by that, I mean a half hour. Yes, that's still long, but some of my other files get to be 40 to 60 minutes long, and I know you all are busy. I still recommend listening to the long one first, and I still have the body versions available for stacking multiple files into one recording. Another change is rather than making you choose binaural or standard, I'm simply putting them into the same category. Just dismiss the binaural versions if you at all have any health risks such as pacemakers or epilepsy that may be triggered by having theta waves in the background music (my voice is the same in both versions). I will probably be switching file content delivery services in the near future due to space and costs.

I hope to someday do this with the rest of the files - shorter versions, etc. - but this is all more time consuming than you might imagine between all the file work, website work, creating images & previews, uploading to various sites, etc. So also feel free to support me on Patreon so I can worry less about other things and get more done with the websites and release new files and content for all of you! Don't forget to check out the custom hypnosis deals of the month while there. 

And as always, feel free to send that feedback about what you think of the new files!
I have two new files designed to pump up men before the holidays! The first you can find right here on the Motivation MP3s page, and it's designed to pump you full of testosterone!

In all honesty, the idea of a file promoting the production of testosterone was something that interested me yet also made me hesitant. After all, though I had seen other files that make such claims, and know that hypnosis can work for many (check my FAQ if you're new to it) due to both feedback on my own files as well as seeing various studies, I didn't know about this - and as my fans know, I don't like to make guarantees or false claims.

What I do enjoy is talking about the potential of hypnosis, and that is where I finally found a way to make a testosterone file I could feel good about selling. You see, just like hypnosis, the production of testosterone does have a lot to do with the power of the mind. Study after study has shown how it spikes at certain times when people are on winning streaks, about to fight, or even after standing in a power pose for just two minutes. Getting enough sleep, eating the right foods, and intense workouts (but not overtraining) can also help. 

With that in mind, the new testosterone motivator encourages the mind to increase production... but also takes into account that even if your actual levels remain stagnant (please see a medical professional if you do struggle with low testosterone production), the human mind can still feel pumped up as if they have more testosterone thanks to the power of the hypno-powered subconscious mind. The results could include becoming more pumped up to push yourself as you grow muscle bigger and stronger, feel more confident in all areas of life, and enjoy an increased libido. 

It's that last part why I do recommend the file for mature audiences only - though I also feel it's mainstream enough to include here. However, I also have a new outright erotic file right in this same vein available on either jockmesmerizer.com or fitdimwit.com (the latter site is more for gay/bi audiences). It's called "Into A Musclebear" and also includes a bit about testosterone.

This one though has the listener feel as if they are transforming into a brawny lumberjack of a musclebear, and also stresses becoming more masculine such as a deeper voice and growing more body hair and facial hair - or denser hair and beard if you already have them. Perhaps the belly is a bit of a soft musclegut, but the rest of you feels the muscles growing. Though of course it is a temporary experience, it is also suggested that the effects last longer in this as one slowly becomes more masculine, is encouraged not to shave unless needed for their job, and of course, also becomes motivated through this hypnosis mp3 to go work out more and build that beefy body.

Both files are being introduced at the new lower prices - $14.99 for Testosterone Motivator (instead of $19.99) and $19.99 for Into A Musclebear (instead of $24.99).

My own resolutions for 2015 include working on my own body, adding more to the sites including new files, and further growing this into my profession as I offer you more and more. After some personal disruptions the latter half of 2014, I'm hoping for a very productive winter and encourage you all to send in your ideas. Both of these also started as custom files including goal weights, the person's name, etc. before being edited down for sale here - though I'll have some delays here due to New Year's travel, I also encourage you to consider the power of a personalized mp3. And those who have stumbled across this post can try my free Desire for Muscle file first. 

So visit my other sites for the musclebear file or click here to go buy the Testosterone Motivator hypnosis mp3 for all jocks and aspiring bodybuilders working on upping that muscle mass. And remember - strong in  mind, strong in body ... and strong going into 2015! 
A basic jock file without the sports element was requested and it was a mainstream idea that was easy for me to do quickly editing a mix of sports jock & muscle jock, so there is now that option on the Fantasy page. Read on for news of a more ADULT nature (this is your warning).

Recently, a subject that had enjoyed my for Coach series hired me to create a custom file that went along with the Coach theme. The main issue he wanted addressed? He would sometimes go out and drink, which then led to bad food choices. The combination was negatively impacting his workouts and sometimes coming in the way of workouts, and he wanted to get serious about making changes in his life. 

As always, payments to me are in part to make a file a priority, but they can also be to personalize a file. This subject's file was personalized with his name said multiple times throughout the file. This edited version took out the bits with his name, but still is a strong file on its own for those that want to use muscle hypnosis to get serious about fitness and nutrition. 

My standard visualization is included, but the main difference with this file from my other Coach files is the techniques used to make alcohol, sweets, fried foods, and other such temptations less appealing, while making healthier food taste more delicious. I should note that this is NOT a therapeutic file - it still allows for one to enjoy an alcoholic drink and other "bad" foods on occ asion. It simply is a way to motivate you to make changes to your life with the theme that if you do want that better body and to feel stronger and more energetic, then you need to get "Serious for Coach"!

Through the weekend, you can save 20% on this new file when you use the cart feature and enter code NEWFILE for the version with standard music in the background or NEWFILEBIN for the version with binaural music in the background. After the weekend, the code becomes inactive, so get it now to save!


Add to Cart


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Going to a gym can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to it. There are so many machines, benches, and other equipment, as well as many people trying to fit in a workout into their schedule. If you find yourself really overwhelmed, you could consider working out at home. But what if you do want to go to a gym to take advantage of an employer's fitness plan, to work out with a friend, or just to have access to a wider variety of equipment? Here are 12 Tips for Gym Confidence to keep in mind! 

  1. Have a plan. Know what your goal is beforehand & what exercises you'd like to do to achieve that goal.
  2. Be flexible with that plan. Don't waste momentum waiting for a machine. Change around the order or have some alternative exercises in mind that still allow you to stick close to your routine and goal.
  3. Look up exercises you are unfamiliar with online before going to the gym. They aren't always the best indicators of pace, but there's no excuse to not learn the proper form with many video tutorials available.
  4. Be courteous. Put away weights, wipe off benches, and don't hog equipment. 
  5. Don't be afraid to ask employees questions. They are getting paid to be there. 
  6. Remember that everyone is there for the same general reason - their body. Some might be there to get stronger or bigger while others are simply trying to stay healthy, but everyone is there for a reason and understands you are too. 
  7. That also means they aren't watching your every move. They are focused on THEIR body, not yours. 
  8. Pick the right amount of weights for your goal. If you go too light or too heavy, you can always adjust. If anyone does notice your effort, they would rather see that you are doing it right with lighter weights than going too heavy and using bad form. The people that look amazing are the ones that took the time to do it right.
  9. If you do make a mistake, learn from it. Listen to your body so that you push yourself in the ways that result in growth but avoid injury. And remember that practice makes perfect - the more you go to the gym, the more comfortable you'll get being there as you learn all the exercise. 
  10. If you can afford it, consider hiring a personal trainer to help show you how to use equipment and how to do muscle building exercises.
  11. Remember that everyone started somewhere. They might have started earlier or been at it longer, but they were once a beginner and achieved that physique through time, effort, and staying motivated. 
  12. Find ways to get in your zone and stay focused on your progress. This could mean creating a good music mix for your mp3 player or relying on hypnosis to boost confidence. 

There could be other tips - if you have them, comment below! - but that last one is why I created a new hypnosis MP3 designed to help boost gym confidence as it addresses some of the above points. This hypnosis for exercise motivation file also aims to help lower insecurities and boost the enjoyment one gets from going to the gym until it is a place where you feel comfortable, natural, and even confident. If you have serious body or social issues, you should consider seeing a specialist as this file is not therapy but a form of reassurance through muscle hypnosis motivation. If you simply need a simple boost though, why not give hypno a try?

For the next week, this new file will be 20% off when you use code NEWFILE for the version with standard music in the background or NEWFILEBIN for the version with binaural music in the background. Use "Add to Cart" to use these codes. These codes only apply to this file, and only one code may be used at a time, so consider my "buy more, save more" codes if you are interested in more than one motivational file for nutrition, fitness, or bodybuilding hypnosis. These savings will only be available through next weekend (now thru 3/8/14), so be sure you don't miss the chance to save on this brand new muscle hypnosis file!
I was on a bodybuilding & muscle growth message board the other week and saw comments about guys that benefit from getting a bit horned up before a workout. 

I decided to make a file along these lines that takes somebody's sexual energy and convert it into workout energy as the listener goes from getting hard for muscle to being motivated for hard muscle. 

This is not orientation specific per se, and is not an adult file, but it does focus on finding muscle sexy and using that desire to enhance one's workout performance. It also does contain some strong language and is recommended for those 18+. 

The best part is that for a limited time - through the end of the holiday weekend which in the U.S. includes President's Day, so through Monday 2/17/14 11:59 PM Pacific Time, you can SAVE 20% on this file!

That's right. Just enter NEWFILE for the standard version or NEWFILEBIN for the binaural version. This coupon only applies to the launch of this new file, but don't forget I always have the more you buy, the more you save sale going on!
Visit the Motivation MP3s Page to Purchase this File & Save 20% Now, This Weekend Only! 
Thank you everyone for your support thus far! It's been a fantastic start to 2014 and I only hope to keep improving both as a hypnotist and my own physique, while also helping to motivate you for yours! As part of pushing the drive, I do often increase one's desire to work towards their ideal physique. Though increasing that drive is an important motivator, it's also important to remember to not beat ourselves up about if we miss a workout or slip with eating one day - or to get negative if the progress is slower than we'd like. This file encourages one to stay positive as they learn to enjoy all the positive benefits of being healthy and becoming fit, so that you can love your progress along the way. And because I do think this is an important message, and because I wanted to show my supporters some love this Valentine's, the best part is I'm giving it away for FREE - watch the video below or download it from the Free page!
Congrats to Tristan L, Patrick P, and Carl H. - they are the winners of  my visualization series. You've all been sent e-mails but if for some  reason these did not go through, please e-mail Coach Josh!

If you didn't win, I have good news  as I finally have the jock files up and am having another contest! There will be one winner for each new "Jock" file - Muscle Jock, Sports Jock, Military Jock, Country Jock, Boarder Jock, Punk Jock, Preppy Jock,  Corporate Jock, & Dumb Jock. You can ONLY enter once, so choose wisely which jock file you'd want! And it gets better - each winner will also get their choice of a second file from my motivation, for coach or new simple-minded files, which among the new files also includes a Musclehead trigger, Simple Trigger, and Dumb Trigger if you want to be a dumb jock just part of the time (dumb jock entries are asked to pick from motivation or for coach files). To enter, just like my Facebook page here!

Contest goes until end of day Friday 2/7 with winners announced by end of day  Monday 2/10 if not sooner. But if you can't wait, I'm also having a one day Super Sale tomorrow with 25% off all files except bundles (as those  are already discounted). The above will probably be my last contest for a while, and though I may have other sales, they might not be as big of a percent, so if you don't want to wait, use the cart function and enter  code SUPERJOCK when you check out.... and whether you want to buy files  or just check out what to select for the contest, you can do so on the Fantasy page!

You have 24 hours from now for the 25 percent... and through Friday to enter & win!
The first set of Training Files are here for visualizing exercises! These are some of the most involved files Muscle Mesmerizer Hypnosis has ever made as you go through workouts from the Mass & Strength Beginners series with routines for your chest, back, arms, legs, shoulders and abs. These visualizations have the potential to really work your muscles. Nothing beats the real thing, but why not supplement your routines with visualization exercises? Whether you're traveling and can't hit the gym that day or simply want to do everything possible to maximize your results, you might want to give these a try. Of course, Muscle Mesmerizer Hypnosis always suggests starting with the free files to make sure you are compatible with Coach Josh's voice and the style of these files (and remember sometimes it takes time and practice to achieve trance). These files are based on routines designed by a real personal trainer. 

If you already know and would like to purchase any or all of these six files, visit the Training MP3s page to read more about what's included with each one. These six files total $130. 

Buy the Bundle for $100, & Save $30 - That's Over 20% In Savings!

       Better Bodies 
       Thru Trance


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    Whether you want to get lean or build huge muscles, hypnosis can help by increasing your enjoyment of healthy habits, emphasizing subconscious desires, and through visualization.


    Coach Josh, the Muscle Mesmerizer, has been helping men build better bodies through trance for many years. So go ahead, enjoy my blog, and then relax as we relax explore working together towards the ideal physique of your dreams.

    Have results, advice, stories, photos, artwork, or more you'd like to share? Want to guest blog & promote your own related material? Check out the submission polices here, then e-mail Coach Josh here.
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    Kill Cliff Tri Flavor

    I've been listening for a month now and my routine is solid. I'm stronger and a bit leaner thanks to it & it feels great to finally be motivated!


    MxMegastore.com - Motorcylce/Motorcoss Helmets, Boots, Pants and Jerseys at sale prices.

    You are the very first hypnotist I can say I definitely responded to - in ways that go beyond your scripts, and FAR beyond what I expected.

    - Dan

    I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings since I was about 10 years old. I’ve had MANY over the years.... None of them have ever taken hold and done any good. I’ve had in-person sessions and been online with many hypnotists, both professional and recreational, trying to work on getting me more motivated to workout. Again, no success. But, since January I’ve steadily gotten better about not delaying and pushing through the workouts. How did I do it? What did I use? Lots of files from Coach Josh.

    - Mike T.