Congrats to Justin Compton, the Men's Bodybuilding champion at the 2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions, and to Men's Physique winner Jason Poston. Congrats to Michael Pence, the overall winner at 2014 NPC Steve Stone New York Metropolitan Championships, and to novice winner Pablo Quinde. Also a congrats to Men's Physique winner of the 2014 IFBB Grand Prix, Tyler Anderson. I couldn't find videos of all, but there's still plenty - including a look back at some 2013 contest muscle - to inspire those visualizations as you listen to my hypno for bodybuilding.

In a 2012 interview, bodybuilding legend Vince Comerford spoke of health issues in part related to drug use, as well as how heart health issues ran in his family. Unfortunately the combination of genetics and past mistakes were too much to overcome. He was 52.
Check out these clips related to the 2014 IFBB Australian Pro heard earlier in March, which found Shawn Roden crowned champion ahead of William Bonac, Evan Centopani, & more. 

Muscular Development Magazine has released a slew of clips of competitors giving interviews and posing at the 2013 NPC Nationals! There are 15 clips in all with a range of bodybuilder physiques, so enjoy! 

IFBB Pro Dennis Wolf has won the bodybuilding competition at the 2014 Arnold Classic. 
And if you think you need to hit the gym to look like that but are hesitant, don't forget you can save 20% this next week on my new Gym Confidence file! Just use the cart and enter code NEWFILE for the version with standard music or NEWFILEBIN for the version with binaural music. 

Congrats to Flex Lewis, winner of the Arnold Classic 2014 212! More motivating muscle video finds after the break including a peak at the 212 prejudging. 

Footage of the Classic Bodybuilding Over 175cm competition at the 2014 Arnold Classic.
It's second only to the Olympia, and NPC News Online has a preview of the 2014 Arnold Classic Preview.
Four more videos to start off your Wednesday! 
As always, these videos & anything endorsed by them are not affiliated with Muscle Mesmerizer Hypnosis & vice versa. 

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