I have two new files designed to pump up men before the holidays! The first you can find right here on the Motivation MP3s page, and it's designed to pump you full of testosterone!

In all honesty, the idea of a file promoting the production of testosterone was something that interested me yet also made me hesitant. After all, though I had seen other files that make such claims, and know that hypnosis can work for many (check my FAQ if you're new to it) due to both feedback on my own files as well as seeing various studies, I didn't know about this - and as my fans know, I don't like to make guarantees or false claims.

What I do enjoy is talking about the potential of hypnosis, and that is where I finally found a way to make a testosterone file I could feel good about selling. You see, just like hypnosis, the production of testosterone does have a lot to do with the power of the mind. Study after study has shown how it spikes at certain times when people are on winning streaks, about to fight, or even after standing in a power pose for just two minutes. Getting enough sleep, eating the right foods, and intense workouts (but not overtraining) can also help. 

With that in mind, the new testosterone motivator encourages the mind to increase production... but also takes into account that even if your actual levels remain stagnant (please see a medical professional if you do struggle with low testosterone production), the human mind can still feel pumped up as if they have more testosterone thanks to the power of the hypno-powered subconscious mind. The results could include becoming more pumped up to push yourself as you grow muscle bigger and stronger, feel more confident in all areas of life, and enjoy an increased libido. 

It's that last part why I do recommend the file for mature audiences only - though I also feel it's mainstream enough to include here. However, I also have a new outright erotic file right in this same vein available on either jockmesmerizer.com or fitdimwit.com (the latter site is more for gay/bi audiences). It's called "Into A Musclebear" and also includes a bit about testosterone.

This one though has the listener feel as if they are transforming into a brawny lumberjack of a musclebear, and also stresses becoming more masculine such as a deeper voice and growing more body hair and facial hair - or denser hair and beard if you already have them. Perhaps the belly is a bit of a soft musclegut, but the rest of you feels the muscles growing. Though of course it is a temporary experience, it is also suggested that the effects last longer in this as one slowly becomes more masculine, is encouraged not to shave unless needed for their job, and of course, also becomes motivated through this hypnosis mp3 to go work out more and build that beefy body.

Both files are being introduced at the new lower prices - $14.99 for Testosterone Motivator (instead of $19.99) and $19.99 for Into A Musclebear (instead of $24.99).

My own resolutions for 2015 include working on my own body, adding more to the sites including new files, and further growing this into my profession as I offer you more and more. After some personal disruptions the latter half of 2014, I'm hoping for a very productive winter and encourage you all to send in your ideas. Both of these also started as custom files including goal weights, the person's name, etc. before being edited down for sale here - though I'll have some delays here due to New Year's travel, I also encourage you to consider the power of a personalized mp3. And those who have stumbled across this post can try my free Desire for Muscle file first. 

So visit my other sites for the musclebear file or click here to go buy the Testosterone Motivator hypnosis mp3 for all jocks and aspiring bodybuilders working on upping that muscle mass. And remember - strong in  mind, strong in body ... and strong going into 2015! 


It's been a year since I launched musclemesmerizer.com! In honor of that, the holidays, and all those New Year's resolutions coming up, I have discounted all prices! Prices are good at least through January 7th, 2015 - possible longer but why put off those files you've been wanting when you can start those 2015 goals off right? It's a great time to start thinking about using fitness hypnosis to get in shape. 

My generosity is spreading beyond this site and also to the more mature files found at either jockmesmerizer.com or fitdimwit.com, as well as the hypnosuperior site. I will be adding at least one new file before the end of this year as well, and hope that my winter starts off very productive - I have lots of great ideas, and invite you to send in your ideas as well

I know a lot of you have sent testimonials or private messages about your great results. The holidays can be a tough time where sometimes progress is lost, but I hope the files are helping you through it... and at the very least, there's always pushing harder in 2015! Thanks again for a great year. 

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    As a competitive bodybuilder, I sometimes need a 'push' and the files are working already.


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    I've been listening for a month now and my routine is solid. I'm stronger and a bit leaner thanks to it & it feels great to finally be motivated!


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    You are the very first hypnotist I can say I definitely responded to - in ways that go beyond your scripts, and FAR beyond what I expected.

    - Dan

    I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings since I was about 10 years old. I’ve had MANY over the years.... None of them have ever taken hold and done any good. I’ve had in-person sessions and been online with many hypnotists, both professional and recreational, trying to work on getting me more motivated to workout. Again, no success. But, since January I’ve steadily gotten better about not delaying and pushing through the workouts. How did I do it? What did I use? Lots of files from Coach Josh.

    - Mike T.