New files are here! This week, I am releasing four new files: two mainstream MuscleMesmerizer files and two erotic files that can be accessed via or (NSFW) Those files are "Never Too Big" - where one feels more testosterone and muscle growth hormone getting released as they come to believe they can never be too big - and "Jock Power," where an Alpha jock resides inside of you and helps make you more confident as well as dominant in the gym and other areas of life. Due to rules with more mainstream payment providers, I can't offer those here but do have a new payment provider to choose from when you visit the sites. 

As for what I can list there, the two new files are "Muscle Confidence" & "Jock Confidence."


Muscle Confidence is all about overcoming people's negative perceptions and your own doubts or desires to please them, as you realize you are doing this for you. If you've ever been given a hard time for turning down treats in the office, leaving family time for an hour to go workout, or been judged for your size, this file will help you overcome those thoughts as you realize that you are doing this for you. 


Jock Confidence is similar in that it helps you overcome what people might think, but this time it's about your transformation into an ideal jock. Whether you want to be more of a sports jock, muscle jock, country jock, dumb jock, or any other kind of jock, you'll simply let go more of your concerns as you accept you you have a jock persona you wish to become and that is what would make you happy. 

For the first time, I am offering a "short" version of the MuscleMesmerizer files and by that, I mean a half hour. Yes, that's still long, but some of my other files get to be 40 to 60 minutes long, and I know you all are busy. I still recommend listening to the long one first, and I still have the body versions available for stacking multiple files into one recording. Another change is rather than making you choose binaural or standard, I'm simply putting them into the same category. Just dismiss the binaural versions if you at all have any health risks such as pacemakers or epilepsy that may be triggered by having theta waves in the background music (my voice is the same in both versions). I will probably be switching file content delivery services in the near future due to space and costs.

I hope to someday do this with the rest of the files - shorter versions, etc. - but this is all more time consuming than you might imagine between all the file work, website work, creating images & previews, uploading to various sites, etc. So also feel free to support me on Patreon so I can worry less about other things and get more done with the websites and release new files and content for all of you! Don't forget to check out the custom hypnosis deals of the month while there. 

And as always, feel free to send that feedback about what you think of the new files!

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    Whether you want to get lean or build huge muscles, hypnosis can help by increasing your enjoyment of healthy habits, emphasizing subconscious desires, and through visualization.


    Coach Josh, the Muscle Mesmerizer, has been helping men build better bodies through trance for many years. So go ahead, enjoy my blog, and then relax as we relax explore working together towards the ideal physique of your dreams.

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    Free Shipping on all orders over $99

    As a competitive bodybuilder, I sometimes need a 'push' and the files are working already.


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    I've been listening for a month now and my routine is solid. I'm stronger and a bit leaner thanks to it & it feels great to finally be motivated!

    -Pat - Motorcylce/Motorcoss Helmets, Boots, Pants and Jerseys at sale prices.

    You are the very first hypnotist I can say I definitely responded to - in ways that go beyond your scripts, and FAR beyond what I expected.

    - Dan

    I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings since I was about 10 years old. I’ve had MANY over the years.... None of them have ever taken hold and done any good. I’ve had in-person sessions and been online with many hypnotists, both professional and recreational, trying to work on getting me more motivated to workout. Again, no success. But, since January I’ve steadily gotten better about not delaying and pushing through the workouts. How did I do it? What did I use? Lots of files from Coach Josh.

    - Mike T.