Congrats to Flex Lewis, winner of the Arnold Classic 2014 212! More motivating muscle video finds after the break including a peak at the 212 prejudging. 

Going to a gym can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to it. There are so many machines, benches, and other equipment, as well as many people trying to fit in a workout into their schedule. If you find yourself really overwhelmed, you could consider working out at home. But what if you do want to go to a gym to take advantage of an employer's fitness plan, to work out with a friend, or just to have access to a wider variety of equipment? Here are 12 Tips for Gym Confidence to keep in mind! 

  1. Have a plan. Know what your goal is beforehand & what exercises you'd like to do to achieve that goal.
  2. Be flexible with that plan. Don't waste momentum waiting for a machine. Change around the order or have some alternative exercises in mind that still allow you to stick close to your routine and goal.
  3. Look up exercises you are unfamiliar with online before going to the gym. They aren't always the best indicators of pace, but there's no excuse to not learn the proper form with many video tutorials available.
  4. Be courteous. Put away weights, wipe off benches, and don't hog equipment. 
  5. Don't be afraid to ask employees questions. They are getting paid to be there. 
  6. Remember that everyone is there for the same general reason - their body. Some might be there to get stronger or bigger while others are simply trying to stay healthy, but everyone is there for a reason and understands you are too. 
  7. That also means they aren't watching your every move. They are focused on THEIR body, not yours. 
  8. Pick the right amount of weights for your goal. If you go too light or too heavy, you can always adjust. If anyone does notice your effort, they would rather see that you are doing it right with lighter weights than going too heavy and using bad form. The people that look amazing are the ones that took the time to do it right.
  9. If you do make a mistake, learn from it. Listen to your body so that you push yourself in the ways that result in growth but avoid injury. And remember that practice makes perfect - the more you go to the gym, the more comfortable you'll get being there as you learn all the exercise. 
  10. If you can afford it, consider hiring a personal trainer to help show you how to use equipment and how to do muscle building exercises.
  11. Remember that everyone started somewhere. They might have started earlier or been at it longer, but they were once a beginner and achieved that physique through time, effort, and staying motivated. 
  12. Find ways to get in your zone and stay focused on your progress. This could mean creating a good music mix for your mp3 player or relying on hypnosis to boost confidence. 

There could be other tips - if you have them, comment below! - but that last one is why I created a new hypnosis MP3 designed to help boost gym confidence as it addresses some of the above points. This hypnosis for exercise motivation file also aims to help lower insecurities and boost the enjoyment one gets from going to the gym until it is a place where you feel comfortable, natural, and even confident. If you have serious body or social issues, you should consider seeing a specialist as this file is not therapy but a form of reassurance through muscle hypnosis motivation. If you simply need a simple boost though, why not give hypno a try?

For the next week, this new file will be 20% off when you use code NEWFILE for the version with standard music in the background or NEWFILEBIN for the version with binaural music in the background. Use "Add to Cart" to use these codes. These codes only apply to this file, and only one code may be used at a time, so consider my "buy more, save more" codes if you are interested in more than one motivational file for nutrition, fitness, or bodybuilding hypnosis. These savings will only be available through next weekend (now thru 3/8/14), so be sure you don't miss the chance to save on this brand new muscle hypnosis file!
Footage of the Classic Bodybuilding Over 175cm competition at the 2014 Arnold Classic.
It's second only to the Olympia, and NPC News Online has a preview of the 2014 Arnold Classic Preview.
I certainly hope all this hypnosis for muscle and more is getting you motivated, but in case you need some physical inspiration, it's time for The Friday Flex! Check out this clip of IFBB Pro Shaun "The Dinosaur" Davis from (affiliate link) Prime Cut Bodybuilding DVDs: FIBO '98: Biceps Power - Where the Stars Gather.
Even more muscle inspiration, with ten videos to add to that muscle hypno motivation ... including a muscle workout from (affiliate link) American Muscle Hunks, after the break.

Derek Howes "The Protein Chef" once again presents another tasty looking protein recipe that I can't wait to try out - bodybuilding protein crepes full of fiber!
More protein recipe video finds: turkey meatloaf; honey bbq chicken; protein coconut macaroons; sticky toffee protein pudding; an avocado pear smoothie that could be adjusted to be a protein smoothie; and a peanut butter cupcake protein shake topped with banana 'buttercream' protein frosting. 

Let's get right to the point: Don't trance and drive! And for that matter, don't listen to my hypnosis for muscle - or anybody else's hypnosis - while operating heavy equipment, riding a bike, cooking, or anything else that could be slightly dangerous. 
Unless it's a specific file designed to be listened to during an activity such as a workout (something I don't currently have but am looking into), hypnosis files should be listened to while sitting or lying down where you can relax comfortably and be free of distraction.

Common sense, right? I, and similar hypnotists, even include all this in our disclaimers and other information. So imagine my surprise when a man told me how one of my files was starting to have a profound effect on him as he constantly repeated it during his commute to and from work. Yikes!
Now, driving is often an example of how sometimes a person enters a light trance in their normal lives. Ever go down the road only to realize you don't remember the last couple of miles? This is perhaps more true for those that drive in a rural area where the visuals seem a bit repetitive. You just get into a state where driving becomes your only focus until something brings you back to a fuller awareness. Even though this happens naturally at times, that doesn't mean it should be encouraged.

Thankfully it seems this man had only been in a light trance, which for him was enough for the messages to sink in and start to bring out his desires - an example that even if you don't go deep, hypnosis can be powerful. But, who is to say that suddenly he wouldn't have found himself entering the next level of his subconscious and drifted off more completely? Because hypnosis can build with time, you can't trust that you won't suddenly find yourself nodding off, even if you had never done so before. Listening to hypnosis while driving or performing other activities puts you and those around you in danger. Don't risk it!

One should also be careful while in a post-hypnotic suggestion or triggered state, though this can depend on the suggestion. I do make care - even in my files, triggers, and other hypnosis to dumb down - that a person retains their common sense and street smarts so that they can continue to do tasks like driving, lifting, and cooking (when triggered - still do NOT do these things while listening to the hypnosis mp3 training for the trigger). However, other hypnosis files may not contain the same safeguards. If in doubt, make sure you only explore a trigger or awake hypnotic state in a safe environment. 

I can't guarantee this column every week, but feel free to send in questions if you'd like and I can answer if I do know, or at least give my thoughts and opinion based on my experience. And stay safe out there as you get stronger in mind, stronger in body!
I've got more recent workout video finds to help get you tough & tenacious! If my muscle hypnosis for exercise is helping motivate you into action, check out these as places to get started or change up your routine -beginning with this full body workout for skinny guys aiming to build muscle. 
Other fitness tip & workout video finds: a calisthenics home chest workout; a full body dumbell workout; six pull-ups for a v-cut back; bigger triceps; killer bicep exercises; a home bicep workout; and a 25 minute HIIT workout without weights.

Some recent workout video finds today focus on building bigger arms, starting with this informative video on how to do descending drop sets for bigger triceps.
Other workout video finds to get stronger, bigger arms: a tricep workout using bodyweight exercises; a biceps & abs routine; and a biceps & triceps routine.


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    I've been listening for a month now and my routine is solid. I'm stronger and a bit leaner thanks to it & it feels great to finally be motivated!

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    You are the very first hypnotist I can say I definitely responded to - in ways that go beyond your scripts, and FAR beyond what I expected.

    - Dan

    I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings since I was about 10 years old. I’ve had MANY over the years.... None of them have ever taken hold and done any good. I’ve had in-person sessions and been online with many hypnotists, both professional and recreational, trying to work on getting me more motivated to workout. Again, no success. But, since January I’ve steadily gotten better about not delaying and pushing through the workouts. How did I do it? What did I use? Lots of files from Coach Josh.

    - Mike T.